About Us

From GSP to GusProp

Gustav Scholtz Properties (GSP) was founded in 2005 and registered as a CC. We have outlived the credit crunch or recession 2007 - 2011. Although extremely challenging we made a conscious decision to remain focused on the immediate needs of our clients i.e. the need to sell a property and/or the need to find a property to make a home. Our motto from the onset "for a done deal" was a huge part of our success - rather than focusing on the challenges in each transaction we emphasized the positive to assure the best chance of getting the deal done.

In 2017 we still have the same attitude towards each transaction but realize, that with all new legislation regulating the property profession, we also have to assure that we adhere to all legal aspects in the process. Hence our new slogan "Property done properly". During this period, we also opted to rather trade as a company and consequently registered GusProp (Pty) Ltd.

We strive to provide only a professional service whether assisting in selling, buying, or managing rentals. In addition to expand the business it was decided to expand our services with our inhouse bond applications. We do pre-qualifications within minutes free of charge.

We will disappoint you if you are looking for real estate agents that will sugar-coat the situation and tell you what you want to hear instead of revealing the true state of the current market. As property professionals, we will only hoard you with attestable facts - no overpromising.

We are confident that we will continue to make friends along the way to ensure long-term relationships.